onsdag 5 december 2007

I need to brag.

"Out of the seven Chiptune artists questioned, only two had a high level of musical
training within their education. The majority had backgrounds in untrained pop or rock
music that progressed into basic electronic music production, and from there to

One artist had absolutely no musical background whatsoever:
the artist Småm, from Gothenburg, Sweden, only made music with loop-based programs such as
Garageband (yes, Olof, Garageband.) before beginning to make Game Boy music with the software LSDJ
(Småm, 2007, A4), meaning he had no musical theory knowledge at all, and has taught
himself the basics of what sounds good in music through the Game Boy. Interestingly,
when asked if LSDJ has broadened his musical knowledge, he said he recently
perfected an aural pitch recognition test that may have had something to do with using
the Game Boy." - Alex Yabsley The Sound of Playing: A Study into the Music and Culture of Chiptunes

And this is what I call AWESOMENESS!
(let me brag about this one, hey!)

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Osvaldo sa...


where was this ? :O


Simon sa...

In Alex Yabsley's study about chiptune music... I think you can find it wigglin' on gamemusic4all soon