lördag 26 januari 2008

Hjortron - Party

This is a song by Hjortron featured on his debute EP "Bitter Sweet"
It will be released in February on Stilikon!

Using LSDJ, this yet unknown rising star delivers catchy dance tunes that will with his bitter sweet style turn you into a dancing machine that will go on and on until you faint from exhaustion and awe. So go have a listen and DANCE!

(tracked and recorded by Hjortron, mastering done by Mr. M and snazzy cover art by Småm!)

kisses and hugs

fredag 11 januari 2008

Update me, Scotty!

So um... I've got some new stuff going around...

The former 10 minute chiptrance tune "Travel" that is going to be released on Mp3Death is now 13 minutes and counting... Also there will be a B-side of the EP, so 4 more tracks or so. 

I realize this will take me forever. 

I need to get the fuck back to tracking!

(Oh and, people of Kittenrock, if you read this, sorry for being lazy!) 

So why didn't the microKorg have THIS preset bank!?
(At the moment I'm totally hooked on Acid House. It's 4:19 AM, I just made this shoop- and I'm kinda thinking about going to bed.)