söndag 11 november 2007

Sm0hm on the radio!


In Thursdays K9D was interviewed and played some tracks on some pirate radio (can't recall which)

And, of course, there were many piggy tracks- Including "You And Me" by.. Me!
Many thanks to K9D for playing that track and the shoutout! (I owe you one, man.)

Other than me there were tracks from all over Hexawe, great stuff :)

If you want to take a listen to the show and mp3 file is availible here
You'll notice when it's mine, at least after it's played!
(it's the one with all the 5ths and Rhodes mk II)

It's well worth the listen! Many great tracks and also K9D saying
"if you're not down with the pig you're not OINKING!"
so true.

And yeah, <3 goes out to K9D for pronouncing Sm0mh correctly!

EDIT: Oh, just now when I've listened to the whole thing I found out that THREE of my piggy tracks were featured! Thanks Jordan! :)
I really do appreciate it!

List in order of appearence:
You And Me @ 78:52
Streetlights @ 98:20
New Generation @ 102:00
The mp3's and DATs will be released on Hexawe any time soon!

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